Cow breeds

Top 7 Fluffy cow breeds

Highland Cattle:

Originating from Scotland, Highland cattle are known for their long, shaggy hair, impressive horns, and adaptability to harsh climates and rugged terrains.

Galloway Cattle:

Native to Scotland, Galloway cattle have a dense, curly coat that provides excellent insulation. They are valued for their hardiness and ability to thrive in diverse environments.

Belted Galloway:

A typical variation of the Galloway breed, belted Galloway cattle have a solid-colored body with a broad white belt that surrounds their central part. Their shaggy, double-layered coats make them well suited to cold climates.

Irish Mould:

Native to Ireland, Irish molded cattle have a soft, thick coat that protects them from the elements. They are a hornless breed with a humble temperament and are known for their excellent grazing abilities.

Whitebread Shorthorn:

Originating from Scotland, whitebread shorthorn cattle have a dense and curly white coat. They are highly adaptable to mountain grazing and are valued for their maternal instincts and meat quality.

English Longhorn:

English longhorn cattle have a long, broad set of horns and a distinctive long and wavy coat. They are known for their elegant appearance, gentle nature and ability to thrive in different environments.


Mainly found in the Himalayan region and Central Asia, yaks have a thick and long-haired coat that protects them from extreme cold. They are highly adaptable and are used for their milk, meat and fiber.

These are just a few examples of fluffy cow breeds, each with their own unique characteristics and contributions to the agricultural landscape.

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